A cruelty-free, vegan handbag brand that cares about sustainable fashion, giving back, and empowering women. Read more below to learn about the purpose and heart behind everything we do here at Canary + Co.

We didn’t just be another one of those fashion brands that makes luxury vegan handbags. We also wanted to make an impact- a really great one. Our business is made up of 3 pillars- Product, Community, and Giveback.

Through product, we are committed to using sustainable materials and recycled materials, as well as no plastic in our packaging. We are always going to be function forward, while simultaneously making chic, timeless designs, giving you luxury bags that actually meets the needs of your every day lives.

Building a community as a part of our business platform is so important to us, which is why we highlight female founders in unique careers or life paths through our blog The Chirp- we truly want to inspire others through showing the possibilities of what you can accomplish in life. 

And last but certainly not least, our giveback program. Charitable donations with each sale. Supporting causes we believe in. And YOU get to help be a part of that with every purchase! 

If you want to read further about our vision, head over to our Give Back page. Thank you for being part of our #canaryfam.


Fashion meets business meets girlboss AeyshaCurry.

Click here to watch the feature on Ellentube's "Fempire"!

It was a huge honor to be highlighted as a female founded business by the Ellen team, and for them to see our vision and heart behind the company, and how as founders we really cared about eachother, and cared about our customers as we built this brand. We don't want to be just another product company bringing you leather vegan bags. We want to do so with intention, and purpose, and hope that we can add value and empowerment to your life in a way that impacts it for the better!