About Canary + Co

Three women- one vision. To make life a little simpler for all the women out there making a difference in the world!

Back in early 2016, Katie approached us with a problem to solve. Too many bags-not enough hands! We wanted to create a product that would empower women to get through their day with more ease. Between work and life, things can get really busy. We recognized a need for a solution that would keep daily essentials organized and accessible, without compromising on style! After working together for almost two years, we have developed product, brand, and design we believe will create a new way of life for women like ourselves. We are excited to finally share it with you!

What's in A name

We view Canary + Co. as a vessel to carry you through your day! This means being able to evolve and change depending on your daily routine, even anticipate the unexpected. Much like Amelia Earhart, the original #girlboss, and her plane “The Canary”, we hope to inspire women to push ahead and explore the unknown. Our vision is that Canary + Co. will inspire women around the world to fly beyond their limits!

The Founders

As three former coworkers, turned friends, turned co-founders, we are three women who feel strongly about empowering and motivating other women to take control of their day to day.  


The Product Designer

Meet Kate Colchie, a product designer with 8 years of Product Design experience. She has worked mainly in the sporting goods and bag industry, but has had a hand freelancing as well in a variety of home good and beauty products. She prefers a grande toffee nut iced coffee with nonfat milk and Britney Spears on repeat!


The Textile Designer

Meet Amy Fernandez, a textile designer with 8 years of experience who has worked for a variety of markets including apparel, swimwear, and accessories. She accepts french fries as a form of payment and there is a good chance she will school you in bachelor fantasy league. 


The Graphic Designer

Meet Sarah Govea, a graphic designer/photographer with 5 years of experience. She specializes in branding & marketing, but enjoys illustration and hand lettering on the side. She has an affinity for pandas and enjoys wearing tropical clothing every tuesday!