Does Vegan Leather Last Long?

Another big question is, is vegan leather durable? Many people still probably own a bag or a jacket made of real leather that has been passed down generations, can be re-oiled and brought back to life, or have really been put through abrasive cycles, and still lasts. Since vegan leather is not as traditional as real leather, people might think the wear and tear might not be as good. This is all circumstantial. Vegan leather is thinner than real leather, so that is taken into consideration. Some fashion brands will increase the durability of their polyurethane or vegan leather by backing the material with a more structured, non-woven fabric. Others might apply a coating, especially to travel bags, to make the outside be more protected when going to different climates and locations. You want to make sure the coating that is applied is not a plastic-derived coating, and companies may opt for a water based or vegetable coating to be more sustainable and cruelty-free.