Is Vegan Leather Waterproof?

Is vegan leather waterproof? The answer is, mostly yes, and there are certain levels of waterproofing you can do at a factory level when it comes to additional synthetic, ethical materials. If you add a heavier coating to your polyurethane fabric, it will make the vegan leather stiffer, if you have a lighter coating, it will come across softer. Depending on the backing you apply to it as well, could make a difference in the water resistant aspect of the material.

Vegan leather typically does not absorb water. Whether you back your vegan leather with a polyester, nylon, twill, or something else, it will affect how water will either be absorbed or deflected from the material as well. If you get your vegan leather bag dirty, here at Canary + Co, we recommend using a soft, clean cloth and a mild soap or detergent, mixed with some warm water to gently clean the bag.