Is Vegan Leather Good Quality?

This is a great question, and like most things, some vegan leather is good quality, and some isn’t! It’s a classic you get what you pay for scenario. You will want to do your research to see if the vegan leather bag or accessory you are buying is good quality! Vegan leather is a great sustainable option and many forms of it can be environmentally friendly. But what are some other leather alternatives? Believe it or not, manufacturers have been able to use food waste and recreate it into “leather” fabrics. A few examples are apple leather, mushroom leather, cork, and pineapple leather. These plant based leathers are using natural materials to change their environmental footprint when designing products, and providing more amazing cruelty free options for fashion brands and the industry. Another way to produce more sustainable vegan leather is by using vegetable coatings, like Stella McCartney started to do back in 2014.

How do you keep your vegan leather clean so it stays in good shape over time? We at Canary + Co, recommend a mild soap and warm, non-abrasive cloth cleaning method, wiping the vegan leather gently. Since we also make a dopp kit called the Kiss Me Kit that typically will stay in your bathroom or travel with you to other bathrooms, just make sure to keep it outside of the shower so it isn’t getting any large amount of water on it, so the vegan leather can maintain its integrity over time.