Vegan Leather Backpacks — Eco-friendly Women's Backpacks

Canary+Co is the perfect one-stop-shop for cruelty-free bag choices. Here, our dedication towards taking vegan fashion to new heights satisfies your needs of eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Being a group of women in the 21st century, we all know we're well past the phase of competing with each other. Canary+Co is our contribution to a sustainable society where our fashion is consciously eco-friendly.

As working women from different fields and cultures come together, we realize the importance of preserving the lands we inhabit. Mother Nature has been very kind to Earth, and it's our duty to carry on that legacy. As women empowerment gains ground and voice across the world, we have to pay attention to our impact as well.

Having a sense of responsibility, it's vital for all of us to minimize our ecological footprint and be as eco-friendly as possible. With that said, our vegan backpacks, vegan totes, vegan handbags, and vegan wallets are a must-have for every eco-friendly woman.

Our faux leather backpacks and vegan backpacks are ever so popular among women of all age groups. We also believe that sling bags, bucket bags, belt bags, messenger bags, travel bags, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and tote bags should be made of sustainable material. This is why we've made all our products, from leather backpacks to cardholders, as eco-friendly as possible.

What Makes Our Vegan Products So Special?

When we founded Canary+Co, we wanted to make a difference. Not just in women's lifestyles, but also in the way we gave back to the planet. We didn't want to hold back our knack for fashion. We didn't want it to be a threat to our planet, either. When we explored the booming industry of women's fashion, we were alarmed at the extensive use of animal fur, skin, and lashes. Our luxuries are at the cost of an entire animal kingdom. Whether it's a mini backpack, roll-top backpack, convertible backpack, or fashion backpacks, most items are absurdly valued.

It's an unbearable load on our ecosystem, which may collapse if we don't act soon. As more and more women enter professional and leadership arenas, this load is going to build up. However, this doesn't mean we should wind up our businesses and quit our jobs. We can try to shift towards an eco-friendlier solution: Veganism.

Imagine the feel of exquisite black vegan leather as you walk into your glass-paned office. Just like you make smart choices in business and finance, you need to make smart choices in your lifestyle, too. You may not be a fan of vegan recipes, but we're certain that a stylish vegan backpack purse is definitely your thing. Now that you're here, let us walk you through our top-quality vegan collection of all backpack handbags and purses. Keep on reading!


The Main Squeeze

Every woman wants an all-rounder, that too a sturdy and stylish one. In fact, the list is endless when it comes to finding a bag with all the right gear. If you're searching for something that's a friend of all seasons, your quest is over! Our Main Squeeze accompanies you far and wide, day and night. You can go to college, work, on a travel trip, a doctor's visit, a sleepover, or even a girls' night out!

The Main Squeeze has a number of specialized padded compartments for each of your belongings. You can store your earphones, laptops, sneakers, extra clothes, a few snacks, and toiletries. The premium vegan leather and durable clasps and zips make it fully versatile for the toughest venture.

It can also act as a full workstation with flat TSA open. Moreover, you don't need to unpack the entire bag in order to get just one small bobby pin. The side access panels allow you to open just the sides and get whatever you're looking for.

Coming to why we name it as the Main Squeeze, it's because this bag can store other bags as well! You can store your makeup kit, clutches, and wallets in separate compartments. The interior is pretty spacious, and that's exactly what a vegan-friendly travel junkie loves! Our Main Squeeze is your perfect travel partner for a cross-country hike as well as a vacation abroad. The sleek black leather and rose gold hardware are a perfect blend of bold and feminine.

The Empowered Pack

If you need a backpack and not a large tote, we recommend you to trust our Empower Pack. It sounds every bit empowered as it actually is. The Empower Pack backpack features adjustable and stowable backpack straps, which, we guarantee, you'll absolutely adore. This backpack also lightens your weight so you can roam around as much as you want to.

There are compartments to store every essential, from a water bottle to a pair of sneakers. The bottom compartment is also air vented, so your shoes won't stink after a workout. The Empower Pack is a perfect match for college students, teachers, and other working women. The straps offer extra support throughout the daily routine.

The Kiss-Me Kit

One of the products we take the most pride in is this vanity bag. The Kiss-Me Kit is an all-in-one storage facility for all your cosmetics. This bag allows you to store your foundation tubes, concealer bottles, face primers, and setting powders. You can keep your perfume, shampoo, lipsticks, glosses, eyeshades, blushes, highlighters, etc. in any suitable compartment.

This kit also comes with safe storage for necklaces and chains. Moreover, you can also store your earrings in a special compartment. The kit keeps everything absolutely safe. No matter how expensive your watch is, you don't have to worry if it's inside this one!

Other Products

With black vegan leather, you can't ever get enough of stylish pouches and clutches. Our VIP Pouch and the famous Triangle are perhaps some of our customers' favorites. These can fit into larger bags, or you can carry them around as you like. The high-quality leather has spacious interiors to store all your must-haves in one place!