Vegan Tote Bags - Shop Ethical Vegan Leather by Canary+Co

Canary+Co is a proud manufacturer in the world of vegan brands. A team that consists solely of founders is devoted to being sustainable from the fashion industry's never-ending demands. We all know how important a bag for women is. Bags aren't only for fashion or storing stuff. If you choose the right purses and handbags, you're always empowered and ready to take charge. Canary+Co offers you all the variety of faux leather products. Our most popular ones include:

• Mini bags.
• Crossbody bags.
• Shoulder bags.
• Travel bags.
• Belt bags.
• Vegan tote bags.
• Tote handbag.
• Travel tote.
• Vegan backpacks.

Our Enthusiasm for Fashion

The founders at Canary+Co know how important fashion is for empowering individuals. A bag that suits all your needs keeps your belongings safe, and makes you more noticeable is a must-have.

This is why we decided to create a wide variety of both practically efficient and fashionable bags. Our fashion is work-oriented and helps you in your daily routine as well. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Canary+Co is there to upgrade your lifestyle. 

Cruelty-Free Mission

We've seen millionaire and billionaire socialites come up with the most obnoxious demands for handbags and purses. While we understand that fashion is a status symbol, we do not see why animals need to sacrifice for us. At Canary+Co, we aim to create the best type of cruelty-free handbags.

We're working to bring you all sorts of patterns, textures, and designs using ecofriendly materials. We value our customers just as much as the species that coexist with us here on earth. Fashion doesn't have to be cruel, it has to be vegan. Our vegan leather products will truly make you feel empowered without any guilt.

Empowering Women

Being female coworkers and business owners, we know how crucial it is to have safe spaces and equipment to work. We have seen our highs and lows during our college and work life. Our initiative, Canary+Co, is our contribution towards women empowerment. A sense of safety, trust, and appreciation enable a woman with an empowered character. From single mothers to fashion models, every woman has a dream.

Our cruelty-free collection helps you achieve your dreams without fear or hindrances. Being a female-led brand, we've been able to conjure just the right balance of practicality and femininity with our products. You can carry our products wherever you go, store whatever you like, and flaunt the way you want to. It's your time to shine!

Meeting All Your Needs

This is one of the main reasons why our products help you achieve more and achieve better. We want our products to follow you around in any situation with complete practicality. We envision a future where our bags are ergonomic enough to carry our laptops, yet classy enough to be taken to an event!

Remember, anyone's life can become a whirlwind. Having your bag by your side, with all your necessities, is just what you need to feel safe and happy. From the largest weekender bag to the smallest clutches, Canary+Co has a bag for every moment. Just take a peek at our shop to see all your irresistible options! 

A Bag for Every Woman

All women have different goals. Being a team of women, we're all moving towards one goal: to help all other women achieve theirs! Our Canary+Co lifestyle collection is a complete one for all sorts of women. If you're a workaholic, you need something that has big and safe compartments.

The Fundamentals Collection at Canary+Co is a perfect match for all femme professionals and the working gal. From laptops to pencil sharpeners, this collection has a sturdy set of storage sections for every object. It's also easy to carry around so you can have a night out with your girls afterward!

Our Fundamentals set is perfect for the travelers who book a ticket whenever they're in a mood to escape. Having a travel bag set ready at all times is essential for travel freaks. This one's the perfect match for your wanderlust.

The Empower Pack gym backpack can lift your dumbbells, water bottle, and trainers without a strain and is perfect for the exercise junkie.

Our Kiss-Me-Kit hanging cosmetics bag is also quite popular with fashionistas and beauty gurus. You can store your necklaces and lipsticks in separate compartments and glam up wherever, whenever.

And as for our V.I.Pouch, who doesn't love a sleek black exterior? It's made with VIP quality material and can carry all your essentials. Hello, socialites.

Head over to our website now to check out all the bags and their unique features!