What's Vegan Leather Made Out Of?

So what is Vegan Leather? In simple terms, it is a textile that is produced to look and feel like real leather, but without using or harming animals in the process. It is primarily made out of a polymer called PU, or polyurethane, which is what Canary + Co bags use. There are different ways to make this and manufacturers are constantly evolving the production of this material to continue to make the practices more eco-friendly. Luckily, the world has been phasing out the other faux leather material, polyvinyl chloride (otherwise known as PVC), since the 70’s because this textile can have harmful manufacturing effects. Sometimes the industry refers to PVC as “the poison plastic” because of how environmentally damaging it can be. PVC contains plastic and microplastic that is harmful to oceans when it is broken down and disposed of.

Vegan leather can also be made out of plants, fruit, and other materials like apples, mushroom, pineapple and cork! It can also be treated with coatings made of vegetables, to protect the outside.