This warranty applies to items manufactured and sold by Canary + Co. All merchandise must be purchased directly from the Canary + Co website to fall under the limited warranty. This warranty does not cover any merchandise that is used in a manner which does not comply with the intended design use, or if the care instructions provided on the Canary + Co website are not strictly adhered to. 

Canary + Co warrants merchandise sold to customers against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. 

Canary + Co's limited warranty extends to the original purchaser of any merchandise or, in the event, merchandise is given as a gift, the original recipient of the gifted merchandise. The original purchaser, for this warranty, must be the first purchaser of the merchandise from Canary + Co. The original recipient, for this warranty, must be the first recipient of the merchandise purchased as a gift from Canary + Co. All Canary + Co warranties are only valid for the period of time that the merchandise is owned by the original purchaser or recipient. A copy of the purchase receipt is required to determine the validity of the warranty. Canary + Co limited warranties cannot be transferred nor be used in a commercial manner. 


This limited warranty applies to the following defects that deem the merchandise unusable: 

• Manufacturing defects 

• Zippers that can no longer be opened or closed 

• Handles that are torn, ripped, and are unusable 

• Fabric that has tears or rips that make the product unusable 


• Surface or cosmetic damage which is defined as pilling or snags in the material(s), stains, change in color, normal wear and tear, or other cosmetic changes in the appearance of the merchandise that transpires during normal day to day use of items by any individual, and which do not restrict the functional aspects of the merchandise. 

• Changes in material(s) that are subject to the normal use of the item(s), such as the conditioning of PU leather or snags in the material(s). 

• Nicks in metal or painted/plated hardware or embellishments 

• If the merchandise that is purchased contains multiple components or pieces and only one component is defective, only the defective component will be replaced. 

• Any Canary + Co merchandise which is sold by resellers or resold by individuals are not covered 

• Merchandise that is sold in a sample or warehouse sale is sold "as is" which indicates that the merchandise is not of "A-Grade Quality", or was previously purchased or used by another consumer. 

• Any merchandise or components that have been lost or stolen. 

In the event of a Defect, Canary + Co's sole and exclusive liability and the customer’s sole remedy under this limited warranty will be, at Canary + Co's option, to provide replacement merchandise, subject to the fulfillment of the original purchasers' responsibilities which are stated below. Replacement merchandise may be returned in a different color from the merchandise originally purchased. Limited edition, discontinued or out-of-stock merchandise which is covered under the limited warranty; Canary + Co guarantees to only replace with merchandise that is of equal to or greater retail value and cannot guarantee the replacement of the same limited edition, discontinued or out-of-stock merchandise. 

In the event of a defect and to receive the benefits of this limited warranty, you must return your merchandise to Canary + Co and provide proof of the original date of purchase by credit card statement or original purchase receipt. Evidence of a defect and any claims must be sent to the email address provided below. Canary + Co will replace and ship your replacement merchandise to you after receiving your original merchandise. You are responsible for shipping costs associated with shipping the original merchandise back Canary + Co. You will not be held responsible for the shipping costs of the replacement merchandise. Your replacement merchandise falls under the same limited warranty as the original merchandise purchased for the remaining period of the original warranty. 

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