*Limited Edition* Hand Crafted V.I.Pouch & Triangle - Marley & Alfie

A one of kind artist collaboration which adds a high fashion, fun, and colorful pop to transform the V.I.Pouch you all know and love! In addition, you'll get our Triangle Pouch with an adorable hand-made keychain attached. All thanks to hand crafted designs of Marley & Alfie

You can see all the features and details of the bags on their original product pages:

The V.I.Pouch 

The Triangle

Scroll down to learn more about the artist who made this bag so unique!


V.I.Pouch: 8.5” L x 2” D x 5” H

Triangle: 4.5” L x 0.5” D x 4” H

Premium Vegan Leather

Hand Crafted by Cindy Tung , the artist behind Marley&Alfie


Name, and company name: 

Cindy Tung// Marley&Alfie

Type of art you create and medium used: 

Textile wall art, yarn, horseshoes, leather, Pom poms!

What inspires you and your designs?

A lot of my designs are inspired by textiles in Mexico as well as South America. I draw my inspiration through nature or sometimes art prints that I really like. I take the colors from there and try to put them in a complimentary order in my designs.

To date, what was one of your favorite projects you worked on and why? 

 I did a fun little pom pom install during my pom pom class last year at LA design festival. It was really great because I got to meet and work with people who liked a similar aesthetic as me. Always fun getting to know people who you talk to on social media in person. 

Can you describe your process? 

Once I find a color way that I’m inspired by….I will go ahead and pick out all the colors of yarn that I think I might be using. Next I will figure out which pattern will fit best with the colors in front of me. I have narrowed down a few go to patterns that I use in my everyday mix for the horseshoes. From there, I will play around with the color patterns and sometimes, I can get the horseshoe done in the first go…sometimes I will have to take the piece apart a few times to get what I envision in my head on to the actual horseshoe.

How long does it take you to create a custom piece? 

Custom pieces can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. 

Has living in LA influenced your art or style in any way?

Living in LA has definitely influenced me. There’s so much art everywhere to soak in. 


Who is your artist/style icon? 

A few favorites, Ellsworth Kelly, Mark Rothko and Iris Apfel 


And a personal fun question: What are you listening to/reading/watching these days?

What are you listening to/reading/watching these days? (can be podcasts, music, tv shows, books- whatever you want!) I usually have the tv going while I work but I took a break. I just finished listening to all of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich series as well as The Chain by Adrian McKinty. Currently…I have Sister Sister on in the background while I work. Yes…the 90s tv show…embarrassing but I don’t care! Memories! 

Go check out her amazing work at:


IG: @marleyandalfie

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